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Group chat:- This room is not anonymous issue

Hello All,

Please help me,

I connect my local openfire server with converse.js but issue is that
when i join into room it’s show below error.

This room is not anonymous and no any data or message store into database table.
but group chat is working.

please see screenshot

p2p chat is working fine and also message store into database table but issue on group chat only.

ofMucServiceProp table

The “group chat is not anonymous” feature that Converse shows means that people in the group chat can discover each-others JIDs.

You can toggle this feature by re-configuring the room. There are a couple of ways to do this. In the Openfire Admin Console, you can go to the room (Group Chat > Room Administration, select the room) and change the value for the “Show Real JIDs of Occupants to” option.

Hello guus,

error is not showing but group chat is not store into database.

but p2p chat store into database but group chat not store into database
enable conversion log into default settings

If you are using Monitoring Service plugin, enable archiving group chats in Archiving Settings.

Hello wroot,

yes already i enable this into group chats in Archiving Settings.

How do you see that messages are not logged? Do you do search for keywords and nothing comes up? It usually takes a while before new messages appear in search. You can try updating to 4.3.2. You can also try rerunning indexing on the monitoring settings page (archiving).