Group Chat Timestamps logging incorrectly

Hi, I am running Openfire 3.5.2 utilizing the persistent group chat feature with server-side logging. However, the server seems to be saving the timestamps of the chat incorrectly.

For example, if I type:

(1:23 PM) Gino: lemme see what’s wrong here

and then I part the chat room

upon rejoining I see the previous conversation, with timestamps shifted and minutes slightly off:

(8:29 AM) Gino: lemme see

My initial thought was that the windows time was off, which it was, so i fixed that, but there was still no change in the log time after a 2nd test. I then adjusted the time on the ESX server (since this is a VM) and still no change in the logged timestamp. The timezone is also set correctly in the Openfire server settings, but even when i try to adjust it, the logged timestamp still does not change.

Where could it be pulling this time change from?