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Group Chat unable to join room

I am having problems with Spark 2.5.8 and OpenFire 3.5 using group chat. I have never been able to get it to work. There must be something i am doing wrong.

I can create chat rooms but when i try to join a room i get a message saying " The room you are trying to enter does not exist". I have searched the forums for solutions but have been able to find one. If someone could help me out i would appreciate it.



How are you creating the rooms? Via Spark or via Openfire server admin? If you are doing it via Spark, are you listed as an individual that is allowed to create chat rooms? If via openfire can you show the settings you use when creating the room?

I have tried it both ways. From the admin side and client. I have it set to allow all users to create chat rooms.

Could you post a screenshot of the settings for one of the chatrooms?

I have attached what the settings are for a chatroom that was created by the spark client.

There does not appear to be any errors there. Are there any errors in your logs on the server or client?

I did not find any errors on the spark client. I have attached a few server logs as i do not know what to look for.
warn.log (1459933 Bytes)
error_1.log (1049297 Bytes)
error_2.log (1050220 Bytes)
error_3.log (1052007 Bytes)

Did you install the enterprise plugin? The logs suggest you did, but there seems to be massive errors with it. Is this server in production, and are you a paid enterprise user? Can the server be reinstalled with little to no data loss?

i installed it on a trial basis. But i have not been able to get this to work since i first installed version 3.2. Yes this is a production server. I can disable the pluging if need be.

Can we get the spec of your setup:

Server OS

Database (embeded or external sql)

Client version

Client OS

LDAP or User Registration


These will help us understand you system better to aid in solving your issues. Also is your server configured with a Fully Qualified Domain Name such as chatserver.domain.com? This is shown in the admin page (see my attachment).

Server OS: Windows 2003 Standard

Database (embeded or external sql) : MS SQL

Client version: Spark 2.5.8

Client OS: Windows XP SP2

LDAP or User Registratio: LDAP

Firewall: None

Yes my server is configured with a fully qualified domain name.

What is the big yellow warning sign next to your server name telling you?

See the attachment.

Your certificates for your server are invalid which will affect alot server processes. You need to delete them via the admin site restart the server and let the server recreate the certificates correctly if you are using self-signed certificates. Otherwise the purchased certificates are incorrect for your server.

what steps do i need to do to correct this?

Try to change the servername to the Netbios domain name

In your openfire server admin, under server settings, server certificates, you should have the option to delete the existing. Once you have deleted all the old certificates click the link on the page to restart the http server. Re-login and then click the link to generate new certificates. See attachments.

Ok i reset the certificates and I no longer get the error on the server settings. Do i need to restart the spark service?

From the spark client now when i click on join room spark closes the connection to the server.

I woould restart spark. If you still have the problem i would trach the spark settings from your user profile (c:%userprofile%\Spark) by deleteing the spark folder in the profile folder.

why if you want to enter the conference appeared errors , the attached file