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Group chat with Peter St. Andre this week

Hey all,

Peter St. Andre, Executive Director of the Jabber Software Foundation will be joining us for this week’'s group chat. More information at:


As we’‘ve done with previous special guests, we’‘ll collect questions for Peter in this thread to help prime the conversation on Wednesday. So, I’'ll start:

  1. Do you see any specific evidence about XMPP “winning” or “losing” in the marketplace compared to other protocols, specifically SIMPLE?

  2. What do we need to do to make Jive Messenger the most popular XMPP server?



For those who don’‘t know who Peter is, here’‘s his profile at Jabber.org and here’‘s his personal Jabber blog. In the last Jabber Council meeting, he voted for all issues on the table. And you can also see what’‘s currently on the council’'s agenda.

With one of the selling points of the SIMPLE protocol being its support for handling video and voice messaging do you see a need to add similar support to the XMPP protocol to remain competitive?



i agree ryang viewpoint,audio and video will more apply in future’‘s IM.it seem telephone’'s app now.hopefully XMPP strengthen communion on multimedia infomation.

Just a reminder that the group chat starts in a bit more than an hour! Hope to see you all there.



Here are two more questions:

  1. Is XMPP being used for other purposes than IM? I remember reading something about being used for Games and MOM.

  2. What do you think XMPP servers and clients are missing in order to gain more acceptance as the IM solution of companies? Which are the PROs and the CONs for achieving that goal?


– Gato

As usual, I won’‘t be able to make the chat today, so here’'s what I was wanting to talk about:

How does the future look for JEP-0060: Pub-Sub?

Are there any major outstanding issues with it?

JEP-0127 looks like an interesting by-product of pub-sub.

And for the Jive guys:

Could you add a JIRA for pub-sub? I want to vote for it. I think it would be a useful feature and create some interesting capabilities to the server.