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Group Chats in a group

I have created persistent group chat rooms on my server and was wondering if it was possible to add these rooms to a group called “Group Chats” as mychat.conference.? I use group sharing in roster and want all the group chat rooms to show on everyone’‘s’’ roster automatically. When I attempted this the group chats get added but show up as offline. Thanks for any assistance.


After doing some more browsing through the forum I found a similar question that pointed to a feature request. I am using gaim as a client which allows for me to put group chats into my buddy list manually. However, this features would be great for users that like to have shared rosters and have large numbers of users. The convenience of the shared roster is one of the most valuable features of this application and the addition of adding group chats to the roster would be a significant addition to this product…




this seems not to be a Wildfire problem but one of your client. For Spark there is an open issue SPARK-260 “Add Conferences to the roster and remove the tab format”, with this feature it should be possible to add conferences to the roster or to server-side groups.