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Group Contact List (Roster Sharing) not Honoring Setting

I created a “public” group on my OpenFire 4.2.1 server. My goal was to share the group with my “admins” so new users of the “public” group would show up on their roster. However when I enable sharing of the group with my admins group it also enables sharing of the roster to all users of the “public” group. I don’t believe this is the intended behavior.

Is there any workarounds to this issue or have I done something wrong? Should I file a bug report?

This maybe was intended by original developers, who did this feature 15+ years ago and are not around anymore. The option “Users of the same group” has been added only in 4.2.0, but the core mechanic still works the same, it always shares to the group itself. I have filed a ticket about it, but nobody have looked into it yet. https://issues.igniterealtime.org/browse/OF-1385

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As about workarounds. You might try do it with Packet Filter plugin and block Presence and IQ packets from admins to public group. Not sure if this will work completely. Client might still show an empty group or a group with all offline users.

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Thanks for the info. How long ago did you post that request?

Ticket has October 4th creation date (2017). I guess i have filed it against an alpha version at that point. But this doesn’t mean much. Some issues may stay untouched for years. This is an open source project with a few volunteers with only so much spare time. This issue might be also more complex than it seems, as i have mentioned Openfire has operated this way from the beginning. But i’m not a developer myself to say for sure.

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Maybe it would be possible to rig up a script that targets a specific group in db and clears a users roster upon creation? If I knew how to do it manually via a command it might be plausible. Would you know how to do that in mysql? I also tried what you said as a workaround and it basically did what you expected. I might just have to deal with it and disable group sharing completely.

Maybe it is possible, but i have no expertize with databases. So can’t help with that. Though i think it might have some side effects if you change that directly in the database.