Group filtering with PacketFilter

I have a srule setup for 2 groups I created.

One called Collectors the other called Admins

MY rule is

Rule Type
Packet Type

When I edit the filter to make sure its OK this what I see

The Source and Dest groups are listed as Admins

And thats not what I stated is that supposed to do that?

Because it’s not working as intended and I have to manually give them permission for the packet to Pass to the each admin I want the group to talk to.

That isn’t right. Do you have any errors in your logs? What version of Openfire are you running, what version of Packetfilter?

I am using Openfire 3.5.2
And Packet Filter 2.0.1

2008.08.15 11:54:22 Packet Filter loaded…

No errors that I can see or find.