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Group Issue using LDAP & 2.5

I just upgraded our server to 2.5 because of the LDAP presence fixes. While that works (which is great for us) we did notice an issue with the LDAP groups that may just be an understanding issue

  1. When does the LDAP provider update group membership? When I add a user to the group in AD they do not appear in the group for Wildfire. Do I always have to stop and start the server?

  2. When using the LDAP povider, we can no longer create the groups on the server for the clients to see, it’‘s like the clients don’'t look at the server groups anymore. The groups are still in the database though. This may be a spark question, not sure.

  3. Presence doesn’'t seem to update until the user actually exits the client, rather than just logging off.

Our config is runing 2.5.0 on a Windows 2003 server with an MSSQL backend. Active Directory is in place and that is the LDAP we are querying.

1.) Wildfire pulls updates from active directory every 6 hours (there is a feature request to change this or to have pull more frequently)

2.) this is correct, groups are now pulled from Active directory, if you look even further, there are some threads on here where personal groups created on the IM client are not retain after a logoff/logon (restart of the IM client).

3.) not sure about this one…

i have same config, except i am running MySQL