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Group Management

Hello everyone.

I am looking for some informations regarding what is needed in the company.

Actual configuration:

Openfire 3.6.2

Spark IM 2.6.3

I am looking for a way for my users to have more than 1 automatic group in Spark.

In details:

  • Agent 1 to 5 are part of the Pre-Sales group and can see each others.

  • Agent 6 to 10 are part of the After-Sales group and can see each others.

  • Agent 11 to 15 are part of the Management group and can see each others.

My question: Is there any way for members of Pre-Sales, After-Sales and Management group to see each others without apearing to be part of other group? (Hope it’s clear…)

Thank you for your help.

Create another group, put all users to it, enable sharing of this group. Of course every user will see two groups and will have two copies of contacts of his collegues (one per group).