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Group Membership Permissions for Chat Room

There have been a couple of questions on this and didn’'t see an answer, so…

Is there any way to integrate group membership into the permissions set for a persistent chat room? I want to give a group “member” permissions to a room. Call me lazy, but I don’'t want to have to administer permissions for both the user and their applicable rooms.



I dont quite understand. You want to be able to add a Group as a Room Members or what?

Here is the scenario…I have a bunch of users in a defined group. I have a few chat rooms dedicated to specific groups.

I would like to have a chat room set up with membership permissions on the group as a whole, not the individual user.

Does this help?



Hi Derek,

the idea if I did understand it is really interesting, unfortunately I’'m not aware of such a feature. If some more users like the idea the developers may fill a new feature issue.

Let me extend your example, I hope this goes in to the right direction, eg:

Server-Group: “Accounting” with some members

Conference-Room: “Accounting” with same members (room req. membership permission)

For daily use the group/roster will be fine but once a week a meeting a conference is scheduled and then everybody is happy to have a room.


Ok, i will explain how i understand:

There is a group say “Sales” with users: Saler1, Saler2,… Saler125

Then you create Room “Salers” and in Room Permissions enter Sales as a member, so finally you would have a Sales group as a member. Or maybe it should add all group’'s users by one automaticly, so you would have an opportunity to remove some of users.

Is this what you need?

These seems similar to your request:

JM-399 and JM-438

JM-438 is exactly what I meant. I didn’'t see that one when I was going through the lists.

Consider my request a vote for that one.