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Group name length

We ran into this problem today. We use our distribution lists in our ActiveDirectory to determine the groups of people. We don’t have control over the AD system and this was the best solution. However, we ran into an issue where a group distribution list was longer than 50 characters. When we tried to share the distribution list group to all other users rosters, we had several ‘weird’ issues.

1 - Users in the group who signed in could see other people, but could not be seen.

2 - We could message people in that group and they could message us, but their presence was invalid.

3 - In the roster, the user was added to two groups, one named after what we called the group for the roster, and one for the actual distribution list.

4 - The software tried to make several entries into the jiveRoster and jiveRosterGroups tables, which since we are using LDAP, are supposed to be empty I believe.

5 - The server logged an error ( and I unfortunately no longer have it ) that claimed that it could not insert the data into ‘groupName’, because the field was too short.

6 - No records were inserted into the jiveGroupProp group, which has all of our other shared groups.

We fixed this by changing all columns of ‘groupName’ to be varchar(255) instead of varchar(50). Weirdly enough, the table jiveRosterGroup already defined the ‘groupName’ column as varchar(255), but 3 other tables were at 50. The tables were jiveGroup, jiveGroupProp, jiveGroupUser.

Once we changed this, deleted the information out of jiveRoster and jiveRosterGroups, restarted the server and re-shared the group, everything worked fine.