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Group naming problem


I’'m using server groups (Wildfire).

Imagine the following situation:

  • we have a group called “123 testgroup”

  • we have another group called “456 grouptest”

  • members of the one can’'t see members of the other group

  • Now a member of group “123 testgroup” adds a member of group “456 grouptest” manually

  • Then the member of group “123 testgroup” wants to set the group “456 grouptest” manually in its own roster

  • It doesn’‘t work, I can’'t use “private” group descriptions that are existing on the server

  • If I use “456 grouptest_” for example it will work

This works in Wildfire 2.3

Thanks for any help



I Have another idea:

Could it be possible to add the whole serverside group?

Then the problem is solved. I could add the whole group an delete some unnecassary users.

Does this work?