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Group not appearing in list of those who logged in pre-share

We are using Spark 2.5.5 hooked into OpenFire 3.3.2 which hooks into Active Directory on a Windows 2003 box linked to a Microsoft SQL 2000 database.

There is a group called Spark which we use to control who gets the Spark app. Since this is a fairly self-contained group I am also sharing this as a “Everyone” group. Now, when I first loaded Spark this group was shared (as appears to be the OpenFire default), but had no name and thus didn’t seem to be appearing (do they have to be allocated an OpenFire/Spark specific name? If so, what’s the point of Enabled and Disabled?) so I allocated it the name Everyone. However, after closing Spark and then logging back in I still don’t see the group… but I am in it, confirmed but via AD and the fact that I have the app in the first place. Yet if I log in on the same machine under an account which hadn’t done so before, it gets the Everyone group.

How can I fix this?

I just tried sharing a different group, and suddenly BOTH groups appeared on my list, but it didn’t look like all the contacts were there, and one was online then suddenly went offline, even though I know he was still online.

It is now showing me the Everyone group, but it’s showing it as being empty with 0 online, despite the OpenFire admin console confirming that one user IS online (who isn’t me) and my having disabled the Group Offline option.

I closed and reopened Spark, and now the group has some users in it, but only five of twenty-seven.

I shared the group with All Users (despite being listed in the group myself as confirmed by OpenFire’s admin console) and then got a full group listing. I then removed the All Users sharing returning to “You must be a member of” status, but it has now correctly listed everyone.