Group Permissions for Rooms

Hi everybody

I recently have looked into creating rooms in my single-server openfire free installation (3.5.2), but I noticed I can only assign users to be room owners, admins, members or outcasts (Group Chat -> Room Admin -> User Permissions). Any hope for a Group Permissions, so I don’t have to add every user that’s already in a group to the rooms?

I suppose I could forgo groups altogether, but then, what is the point of having groups definable on the server? I don’t see much use for it.


Find this page, and check this radio button.

Thanks for the attempt, but I already have that checked. I was really asking for a way that I could build specific rooms, and then only allow groups into them instead of every member, one at a time.

Also reading the post here:

I found a decent answer to the question of what groups are useful for (assuming it’s true… testing soon)

Oh, I see. You’re trying to isolate certain members on your server as in a specific group - not just buddies, but Clerks, Stockers, Managers sort of diversity of group. Since we’re using our Active Directory to populate our group, that’s not something that I have experience with. What happens when you add a group (as opposed to a Chat Group)?

Same question I had here, really, especially since there doesn’t seem to be a way to restrict MUC entrance by group membership.

The best answer was in that post I linked to – when you make a group, you can enable that every user in that group automatically has every other user in the group as a buddy (which I’ve now tested and yep, it works).