Group search


I am using openifre 3.5.2 and spark 2.5.8

In Spark how can i search Groups (ex: like usersearch)

You can’t search for groups. Spark as any other client is using Openfire Search plugin, which supports only user search and i think there is no such a standard to be able to search for groups. Not just in xmpp/jabber.


Thanks for u r reply.

Currenty in Spark end we will search only users .I would like to integrate Group search also in spark end.

Can u give idea how to integrate that… and can u tell me that is possible o r not

I’m not a developer, so i cant help you to implement that.

About the possibility. As i said it seems to me, that this is not a standard. I havent seen a search for groups in any IM network (jabber, ICQ, MSN, etc.). Though Openfire can have server groups, so maybe this is possible to do a search for them. But what for? To add it to your contacts? But then you will have to get all users belonging to that group somehow. Not saying this is impossible, but you will have to create your own approach. Because search plugin doesnt support this and i dont think it will. Sorry, cant help you further.

The Helga-Bot has several advanced group features, such as searching for shared groups. However it has a textbased interface: benefit is that it will work in every Jabber capable client, downside is that it is a bit complicated to use.