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Group Sharing not displaying the contacts or groups in Spark/Pidgin


I am trying to get group sharing to work for the clients using openfire. I am running ADS for authenticaion and can see the groups in the admin consel. I have also gone into the admin console and shared each group that I wanted with the all users button. Yet when I log into the client I do not see the groups. I have tested this from multiple machines with both clients. The behavior is semi erratic, because on one machine I can see a group and 2 of its members that are logged in, but I can’'t see any of the other groups I shared for all members. Is there anything I might have missed?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Scott,

there are some problems with shared groups, http://www.igniterealtime.org/issues/secure/IssueNavigator.jspa?reset=true&&quer y=shared+groups&summary=true&description=true&body=true&status=1 lists a lot of problems, not all are related to shared groups anyhow. JM-1063 could be an interesting one. It may be a problem of the client (Spark) which sometimes fails to get the groups right or with the server.

You could debug this by enabling the audit feature within Openfire to log all packets, there one should see if the groups are sent to Spark.