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Group Support Out of Whack

Just installed Wildfire this evening along with a couple of different clients (evaluating for intranet use at work.)

I have two clients running, Spark and Pandion, both logged in as different users. I also have two groups “test1” and “test2” of which both users are members.

As I make changes to the group, renaming them or enabling/disabling “sharing group in rosters”, Pandion reflects the changes no problem. Spark on the other hand, acts strangely. When I disabled sharing of one group, it removed both groups from the test users roster and sent a warning to the other user saying that they had been removed. When I had both groups enabled and I renamed it’'s display name, Spark all of a sudden showed three groups (the two current names plus the old name.)

Also, these groups are often only visible when I check “Contacts->Show Empty Groups”. Checking this makes them appear, while unchecking it leaves them in place. Anyone understand what’'s going on? Am I not understanding something?

Hi mankyd,

This sounds like a bug to me. I’'m sure Spark will have it fixed in the 1.1 release.

You can track this issue with SPARK-183.

Thanks for the report,


It’'s fixed for 1.1.



awesome thank!