Group users showing up twice in user IM lists

New to using OpenFire so please bear with my potentially newbish question

We recently set up OF at my company and to make it much easier for all users, we created all of our accounts and then added all accounts to one master group. The group has contact list group sharing enabled, can Share with additional users, and ‘All Users’ is selected.

Seems to work like a dream, except for users who choose to “Show Offline Users”. Those clients are seeing TWO copies of each IM user we have in the system. The OF server is installed on \websol2, which is a specific machine in our office, but for DNS purposes we have the domain setting in OF set as so that way we can move the OF installation down the line if need be while all of our chat users keep pointing to “” and won’t be tied to the websol2 box. In the offline listings, like I said we see two copies of each user… dave@websol2, and The strange thing is, if you look at the detailed info for the users, they BOTH report that the account is So why is the machine-name copy showing up at all?

I could just tell my users “just stop showing offline people” but I’m looking for a better answer if possible. Cheers for any advice! Happy to provide additional info if it will help track down the problem.

Did you setup Openfire with the websol2 domain name? Not sure, but this can be the issue, that all users are really user@websol2 on server and then they login to dns name. Of course you can rename your xmpp.domain setting, but i’ve heard this could be complex with already existing userbase.

the ORIGINAL install was done using the websol2 domain name (it seemed to inherit the machine name), but I’ve since removed the tag from the config file and re-run setup, setting the domain as the domain. Didn’t seem to help, unfortunately And the service has been restarted multiple times since then

thanks for the advice though - any other thoughts?

Like recreating your userbase? As i said, renaming domain name when you already have users is not helping in this situation. Maybe you can use Users Import Export plugin. Export your users, start with a fresh database, then fix exported data to have correct domain names, then import it to a new database. Just a thought.