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Groupchat doesn´t work (newbie)

hi @all,

i´ve got a problem witch the group chat of wildfire 2.6.2. i´ve build a groupchatroom for members only and added members to it. if i´ll try to connect i get an error nr. 406. chatting between 2 users works. i also don´s see anything in the logfile when i try to connect, but i see traffic in ethereal…

what is wrong with it?



p.s.: i didn´t find anything related to my problem in the forum

i forgot:

it´s an suse 10.1 server

chatting between two users outside of groupchat works? Or can two users enter the room and chat? DO you have File Tranfer Proxy on or off?


chatting between 2 users outside the groupchat.

“DO you have File Tranfer Proxy on or off?”

where can i see this?


on the main page (server) listing on the left, file transfer settings.

it´s enabled port 7777

I asked because there is a known issue (bug) with turning file transfer off and conference.

do you see the conference rooms in your discovery? In the admin console, can you see the rooms that you created?

yes i´ve seen that in another thread.

i can see the rooms in the admin console.

“discovery” - is that a client feature? (sorry for my question, but it´s a very new topic fpr me)

i use neos and kopete. in neos there´s a “jabber-explorer” in which i can see all the existing rooms. i can see further information, like: muc_persistent, muc_unsecured, muc_nonanonymous, muc_membersonly, muc_public, muc_moderated

Ok, can you create a room that is unrestricted, and allow everyone access to it. As a test to see if any aspect of conference is running.

i´ve created a room without restrictions and it works

so 50% are (is?) running

how can i make a restricted room “fly”. the necessary restriction is a membership (room for members).

Ok so conference is running, why wont it allow a members only room?

On the room you created earlier. is it possible to create a room(members-only), make yourself an admin/member to it and enter it?

sorry for the baby steps, want to see when it stops letting you in…

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well, this works too. i changed the previous created room to members-room and it´s ok.

i also created a new restricted room and it works.

but the rooms, that i created a few days ago, don´t work. so i will delete them and create new ones.

thank you very much for your help!



No problem!