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GroupChat persistency


I wish you could help me clarify the following questions. Sorry if these questions seem obvious.

Are GroupChat data made persistent by Jabber servers? Let us assume that I create a group chat, add the participants John and Jane, and terminate my client. Next time I start my client, is it possible to restore this GroupChat somehow without storing the data locally?

What about MultiUserChat. Is there anything there that is persistent? Or do I have to take care of persistency myself? Are all data about the chat room (e.g. participants, admins, room info, banned participants, etc.) sent to all users or are they somehow managed by the server?



Both group chat and multi-user chat are managed by the server. group chat is deprecated though, so I would reccomend using multi-user chat. All data should be maintained by the server including all the things you had mentioned.

Adding to Alex’'s response, when using multi-user chat just remember to configure the room to be persistent and to log the chat conversation.


– Gato

Particular thanks to each of you guys. I am trying right now to figure out how to set the configuration parameter that makes a muc room persistent. Any hint is more than wellcome.



Hey Gregory,

When creating a new room you will need to configure it. The server will return a form that the user must complete in order to configure the room. The form specification can be found url=http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0045.html#registrar-formtype-ownerhere[/url]. In particular, check the fields muc#roomconfig_persistentroom and muc#roomconfig_enablelogging.


– Gato