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Groupname Not Found


Openfire 3.7.1, win32

Embedded database

AD/LDAP integration

< 1,000 registered users, typically < 100 users logged in at any given time




org.jivesoftware.openfire.ldap.LdapGroupProvider - Groupname %SomeGroupRemovedFromAD% not found

This error is logged numerous times every minute, which is ultimately causing stability issues. Apparently this was a result of removing groups in AD that were being used as contact lists. I was able to solve this problem by temprarily recreating the groups in AD so that I could disable the contact list group sharing attribute in the Openfire Admin console.

I figured out the solution half-way through creating this post, but I wanted to submit it anyway in case anyone else runs into this problem down the road.


And good that you decidet to do this. 2020 and still valid :wink: Thanks!