Groups are empty at openfire and not a one user listed out in spark client

  1. I have just installed spark client in my machine but it is not showing offline users and online users as well. I have enabled these functions in spark : show offline users, group offline users but still nothing happened.

  2. All the thing is, I am using LDAP and openfire so all the users list should be populated automatically but it won’t. what I am doing, I am adding every user automatically in my contact list.

  3. When I try to find groups details in openfire dashboard there I can see all the groups which I have created but those all groups are empty but actually I have added 5 members in each groups but still it is not showing any user of them.

Thank you in advance

looking at your tags, you might want to upgrade openfire. currently its at 4.0.2

Anyway, whats your base dn and search filters look like?

The opefire version I am using is 3.10.3 and basnDN is verve.dt at LDAP server side.

Thank you for your revert

so in openfire you have your base dn set to the root of your ldap? Are you using Active Directory? Are you trying to use nested groups?

Yup I have assigned dn as a root basedn in openfire.

Yes, I am using AD(LDAP server).

No, I dont want to create nested groups.

Thank you and if you want any further details to assist me then ask.

Thank you once again