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Groups created in converse.js disappear after log out

in converse.js , if a group is created once it is not sticking permanently in the groups list, if we logout and reopen the old groups are lost .
to maintain grouplist sticky even if we log out is there any way?

If you want to get help, put at least a bit of work creating your own question here instead of hijacking 13 years old thread. I have moved your question to a new thread.

I’m not sure if this question shouldn’t be directed to converse.js develolers. Explain better how you add groups. You are not talking about group chat, do you? If this is just a local group you create in a client to put your contacts into, then it should be saved on the client side and this would be converse issue. Openfire is not saving client side groups. At least i haven’t heard or seen it should do this.