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Groups in OpenLDAP


I’'m using Openfire 3.3.0 in Linux and OpenLDAP.

I’‘ve managed to create a group in LDAP, but Spark doesn’'t recognize it.

I don’'t know if it is a matter of the way LDAP group is created or if it is something missing in openfire.xml

I’'ve read the LDAP guide, but the information is so scarse

Any help would be appreciated.

Here is what i have in LDAP:

  1. Grupos do TIM

dn: ou=tim,ou=accounts,dc=telbit,dc=pt

objectClass: organizationalUnit

description: Grupo de Futebol

ou: tim

  1. All Group

dn: uid=all,ou=tim,ou=accounts,dc=telbit,dc=pt

objectClass: top

objectClass: groupOfNames

objectClass: uidObject

cn: All from Telbit

uid: all

description: All Users

member: uid=manel

member: uid=maria

member: uid=augusto

member: uid=reis


Warm regards,

Mário Gamito