Groups not showing properly in rosters

Mimicking what the admin console does, I can create props for a group:

group.getProperties().put(“sharedRoster.showInRoster”, “onlyGroup”);

group.getProperties().put(“sharedRoster.displayName”, “desc”);

group.getProperties().put(“sharedRoster.groupList”, “”);

but the groups never show in the members’’ rosters in their clients.

So I do it in the api:

User user = userManager.getUser(userID);

Roster userRoster = user.getRoster();

RosterItem item = userRoster.createRosterItem(server.createJID(group, null));


and they can see the members of the other groups in their rosters. However, there are then other entries in their rosters:

“offline group groupName@server”

Is there any way to control how a group is displayed in a roster? Can I get rid of the “offline group” entry in the roster?