Groups not showing up in the Spark client

I have just recently setup a Wildfire server vs 3.1.1 and have linked it to my AD successfully. I see all of my users and groups in the server administration console. The problem arises on the client side. The groups don’'t show up automatically in Spark for the people who are members of the group. As I understand if you are a member of a group it should show up in Spark. I am not sure what information would be needed to help diagnose this issue so I will start with my XML file


<![CDATA[ ]]> cn mail cn member description false (objectClass=group)

Thank you in advance,


Hey Andy,

I see that you searchFilter is including sAMAccountName=. Could you try removing that field from the filter? Wildfire will dynamically add the usernameField for you. BTW, are you manually editing the xml file? Or are you using the LDAP setup wizard?


– Gato

Hey Gato,

I got the same problem Andy has. I setup the AD and on the admin console I can see all my users and groups, but when I log into spark the roster doesn’‘t show me the groups I’'m in or the users in my group.

How do you set this up?

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Thank you for you response. I removed the sAMAccountName from the search filter and everything has remained the same, all the users and

groups show up in the admin console but the groups don’'t show up in the client. I used the LDAP wizard to setup the AD connectivity in the beginning but have been editting it manually to adjust and configure it.

thank you



I was able to get this to work. I shared the groups to everyone and then saved. I then unshared the groups from everyone and only the people who were part of the group saw the group.