Groups permissions does not work with ldap

I can add users to the users’’ list to give them permissions to self-register from spark clients to access AIM, MSN, etc. but when I add the group those users belong to instead (removing them from the users’’ list first ) the users can not self-register.

The error I get is:

Your registration was denied due to your account not being in the access list.

However, I am authenticating users on spark via openldap and it’'s fine. Could someone point me to the right direction in solving this?

nevermind solved it.

For anyone facing the same problem. If you’'re using openldap make sure .

hmmm, I’m using Active Directory and it doesn’t let me enter any groups, it says they don’t exist. Is there a notation I need for this (groups work just fine all other ways within Openfire and Spark).

OK, groups with spaces in them cause problems. I guess I can work around that no problem