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Groups Vanishing Until Server Restart

Hi All,

I’ve got an implementation of OpenFire running on Debian with Java5. Everything seems to be fine apart from 2 problems i’m having.

  1. After the server has been running for 2 hours, the groups vanish from spark, I can’t see anybody who is in a group anymore and they don’t show as online, even though they are. Restarting the spark has no effect. If I restart openfire however after 15 seconds all the clients reconnect and the groups re-appear. This is obviously a problem I need to get resolved before I push it out to my users.

  2. After the server has been running for ~12 hours all logins become invalid. I am at that point unable to log into the admin control panel or log in using a client, this normally happens over night. Again it is resolved by restarting the server.

Hopefully somebody here will have an idea on it’s cause or where to look for any relevent log information.

Kind Regards