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Does jive support server side groups? One thing I likes about openIM was that it let the client know about groups that were defined on the server.

Groups are supported in the server, but I don’'t quite know what you mean. How does openIM expose groups at the protocol level?



I am not sure how they did it exactly but when I populated the database with groups in openIM all the jabber clients picked it up. I am wondering if the same thing is possible in Jive.

BTW I have put in some bugs in Jira and am going to test ldap today. Does the ldap roster pick up groups from AD? That would be awsome.

Did users have the ability to modify the group roster entries, or no? I think we’'ve been considering a similar feature.



NO they didn’'t. THis is in a corporate environment so we have the users divided up into groups. The Idea was that you could send broadcasts to groups for example send a message to everybody in customer service.

Ok, I think this is a good feature request. I added two issues into JIRA related to this:

  1. JM-21 – send broadcasts to groups.

  2. JM-22 – show groups in rosters.