GSoC - New Protocol Support


I would be interested in working on adding New Protocol’s for OpenFire as a part of Google Summer of Code 2015. Before I begin writing the application for the project, I want to solve some bugs (teaser tasks), it would be awesome if you can point me to ‘easy-bugs’ which can help me get started.

Thanks for your interest. I’d suggest looking at Open Jira Tickets and finding the first the peaks your interest.

Openfire - Jive Software Open Source

Nice! I also suggest you browse the open Jira issues and see what you like. Because usually as a developer, you have some preferences where you like working on (or where your strengths are): Database, Web UI, Protocol Stuff, Crypto, S2S, Clustering, … and we can’t know your preferences.

There are also less obvious things you could look into, like Unit Test Coverage (which is pretty poor currently) or performance improvements.

Here are some bugs, which I consider of the easier sort:







OF-732 (this is not easy, but I’d like to see it fixed nonetheless ;-))

As for new protocol support, there are multiple options, which I think have top prio:

XEP-0079, XEP-0198, XEP-0191, Roster Versioning

My bad I did not mention my preferences. I have mostly done Web Development and Databases in my previous projects. I want to move towards Protocol and the underlying system level programming (Cryptography, Distributed Systems ,etc), and this project seemed like a good start in that direction.

Thanks for providing the list of bugs to solve. I will go through and work on at least one of them before working on the proposal.