Gtalk s2s


On my server I can talk with people from others Jabber servers but gtalk users appears offline. And from the gtalk account I can see the status of my server account but when I wanna talk I get an “service unavailable” message.

On the serveur admin interface, I can see a connection with gmail but only outgoing.

Any idea ?

Google talk just worked for us. I had to turn off the “require security” setting for server-to-server but that was about it. Is it possibly a firewall issue?

For the security : c2s : tls needed. s2s : optional

Firewall : the serveur can talk with other xmpp servers so I think it’s ok. I’m able to access to an outside port 5269 and from the outside we can access to my port 5269.

I don’t understand…

We have the same settings. Maybe try custom with Available/Optional? I’ve only tried with a gtalk user adding a jid from our server. Does your jid use a different hostname (before the @) than the server? Ours is pretty straighforward is the jid, is the server. Just some possiblities.

no, that’s a standard configuration…

Nevertheless, we use a self-signed certificate. I don’t know if that can be a problem.

The s2s works perfectly with other servers ! The issue concerns only gtalk… I don’t know from when the problem occurred…

And why the gtalk account can see the status of the other account on my server ? That’s very strange… Oh… Something else… From my server I can talk with a gtalk account butI can’t see the status !! lol

To recap : can send messages to but see him offline can see the status of but can’t send messages

I really don’t understand…

The problem is still there but I’ve found this :

DNS Server-To-Server record

DNS Client-To-Server record

Server-To-Server Stream

Client-To-Server Stream

Client-To-Server SSL Stream


Thanks to

I don’t understand what means the two first lines. Maybe it’s linked with my problem ? I don’t think because which works well return the same thing…

Google Talk is using dial-back for S2S connections. If you use a subdomain for your server’s location, you need to set SRV records in the DNS. This way you can tell other servers who try to connect to domain.ext that the server is located at im.domain.ext or server.domain.ext.

Please go to for some more information

The jabber server is on the same machine so if i’ve understood, there no need for me to edit the dns conf ? (which I can’t easily…)

Part of the Dialback process is a DNS lookup. For more information about Server Dialback, look into XEP-0220.

I think I’ve found the problem : (thx to Arny)

Someone has activated Google Apps for my domain and google has activated the Google Talk service (without any verification !!!). So when from my gtalk account I send a message to my server, google catch the message and send it to his own server…

So I’ve put a file on my server to prove that I’m the administrator (bullshit cause my webmaster can also do that…) and then I’ve been able to disable the chat service.

For now, the problem is not solved but that’s it…