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GTalk users cant see my avatar set in VCard

Hi, All

I’m currently using Openfire 3.6.3 as my XMPP server and has clients connected to it using the Smack library 3.1, everything is fine except that the gtalk users can’t see the avatar of my client set in VCard.

Here’s the sample code I wrote in my test client(Java)

final URL avatarUrl = new URL(“file:///path/to/avatar.jpg”);

VCard vCard = new VCard();







After the client runs, I can see the data changed in my Openfire database with proper VCard data, So I assume that the method of VCard.save(XMPPConnection) is invoked and executed corretly, but still, people using gtalk report that they can’t see the avatar, no matter the client they use, iChat(Mac) or gtalk client(Windows)

Is this the restriction with Openfire? Any mysterious options in the admin console?

Or maybe its the encoding of avatar image file? I’m using 16x16 jpeg file and the file size is 477bytes.

Best Regards.

so confused to find out that adium(@Mac) can see the avatar I set in my VCard, there’s another way which is commonly adopted to set your personal buddy icon except VCard?

Any suggestion/advice/clue is appreciated, thank you all.