GUI software for SSL Certification

hi dear members!

Is there any GUI software for Java SSL Certification because on command line keytool lot of bugs.


Umar Draz

Hey Umar,

That is what we added to Wildfire 3.2. The jira issue was JM-892. If you install the nightly build you will be able to create certificates from the admin console as well as generate signing requests and import signed certs. If you don’'t want to use the nightly build version in production, although it is stable, you can install it in some other machine or folder and run the setup process. You can then copy the resources/security/keystore file to your Wildfire installation.

Other than that you will have to use command line tools since, afaik, GUI tools will not generate certificates following the XMPP specification.


– Gato

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thanks for your reply.

Please tell me where i can get 3.2 and how install that.

I already install 3.1.1_1 on FreeBSD 6.1 from ports


Umar Draz

Hi Umar,

The URL is

Extract the tar.gz file and overwrite your existing installation with its content could be fine.