Guide to setting up Chat room / multi-user chat?

Does anyone have a guide to setting up a chat room? I am evaluating openfire, and have installed it localy, bound to

I have created a group chat room in the admin named test. However, it is not clear to me how to have my clients connects to it (im using Adium and Spark).

I believe the issue is that the in the settings the “group chat service name” is set to “conference”, with all of the examples then showing the connect string to be:

however, I am bound to right now, so that wont work for me.

Any suggestions? Does group chat require that the server be accessed via a domain name and not ip?


Hi Mike,

I am not aware of a group chat guide. In general, you have things straight. Your XMPP hostname should be ‘localhost’ and not ‘’, then your conference service becomes conference.localhost


Thanks. The thing that I wasnt clear on, was that I need to map the new name to the IP.

I had to update my hosts file but once I did that it worked fine.

So, when i put it on my server i need to set up a DNS for:


Is that correct?

thanks for the help…


Hi Mike,

You do not need in DNS, the jabber server will walk the FQDN up until it finds a valid DNS and try that server. For example:


Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)


Perfect. Thanks for the help.



I have setup the server on a machine with IP address The conference service is running on “”. I cannot connect to a room in the conference. Is this because of some DNS issues?