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H.323 support

I was wonderinf if H.323 was supported by jivemessenger or if there were project to include it into future version?

Considering that H.323 is a streaming multimedia and signalling protocol that is congruent to XMPP, I’‘d wager that it’‘s not on the immediate roadmap. XMPP is a text base streaming protocol and H.323 is a multimedia. I’‘m not sure if H.323 suppots text, but I won’'t be surprised if it did.

However! If you’‘re interested in an implementation, see http://www.openh323.org/. You’‘d need to ues Jabber to signal (i.e. help set up the connection between the two clients, kinda like a taffic cop) two clients that are capable of doing this. iChat comes to mind, but you’'d have to look at how they do it underneath the covers (and it might not be done in the XMPP protocol, they might use some proprietary protocol to set up H.323).

I’'d also suggest looking at the http://www.asterisk.org/ project since it provides the signalling for H.323 and various other protocols. With the JM Asterisk plugin, you might get a complete “system” that suits your needs.

Hope this helps,


My question was in fact to know if there is a way to stream video and sound through XMPP IM. I foudn recently a client that uses H.323 and jabber.

But i will take a look at asterisk. thx for the answer

Which client is that? I know iChat suppots jabber and h.323.


lukeMC,H.323 just is client application,you may view it(http://www.neosmt.com


Neosmt was the client I was talking about. I can have the video and sound work through JM.