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HA setup of openfire with clustering questions

Hi guys,

I’ve read a whole bunch from this community posting for years now and I love this project. I’ve been following openfire and working with it for the past 3 years or so. Lately we’ve come across the opportunity to beef up our chat infrastructure and we’re going to give it a shot.

The proposed architecture:

2 dual multi core servers lots of ram and fast disks to hold the following:

  • Master Master replicated DB for mysql (shared database among the servers)
    • I was wondering if we needed to offset the inserts so that one box inserts are odd and the other even that way we avoid collisions (just a thought)
  • openfire installs on 64 bit linux (im wondering if the current app server will hold of if we should change the servlet container to something more beefy)
  • the openfire clustering plugin
  • oracle coherence
  • load balancer in the front serving VIP with session affinity

My questions lie around the clustering piece:

What is the best way to setup an openfire cluster? are the recommended implementations? i couldnt really find a lot of documentation.

I understand that connection managers are basically like proxies for chat, they can be used to scale… However can you use connection managers and connect them to the cluster through a load balancer? if so do they need to be configured as “accepted” in server to server connections on all members of the cluster?