Hacking a subscription manually

Hi, is there a way to subscribe someone onto your list if you’‘re an admin by directly editing the SQL db? I tweak settings a lot, am the admin of the server, and would like to add people to my roster without having to re-request authorization every time. I’'m using 3.1.0, openldap, mysql, and gaim.

I’‘ve dug up some stuff related to this, but my paltry attempts didn’'t get very far.

http://www.jivesoftware.org/builds/wildfire/docs/latest/documentation/database-g uide.html





as Wildfire does not use sequences it does use the jiveID table to track various pseudo sequences.

You may need to modify one value there if you insert new entries in jiveRoster.

Wildfire caches a lot of the database so you need to purge its database cache after you did modify something.

It may be much better to write a small plugin like the “User Service” or “Registration” Plugin and use Wildfires API to change the required settings.


To complement LG’'s comment (that is correct) ;)…if you are looking for a way to prepopulate roster of certain users (i.e. not only one) then you may want to take a look are shared groups. Shared groups are configured server side and is way to prepopulate rosters.


– Gato