Happy Birthday, Jabber!

Today marks the 25th birthday of Jeremie Miller’s announcement of “a new project to create a complete open-source platform for Instant Messaging” on Slashdot.

How have things progressed since then!

By far most of the projects that we maintain here in the IgniteRealtime.org community make direct use of the XMPP protocol, which is the name used for the IETF standards based on the Jabber technology, and we’re still going strong.

With countless different people and organisations creating and using XMPP applications, even today, it has truly proven itself to be a rock-sold, tried and tested, versatile protocol. It’s not often that so much development happens around a technology that’s older than … well, some of us!

Happy birthday, Jabber!


Yep. It still has the X factor, making it extensive, expandable, flexible and the most extra exciting messaging protocol to work with.

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