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Hardcode server field in spark client

I have spark installed and running well in a Windows environment. It would be nice if there was a way to autofill the server field in the Spark client. I have a lot of machines that are used by multiple users and a few machines that are on Microsoft Steady State so that changes are wiped on a reboot. I would like to avoide my end users endlessly asking me for the server name everytime a new user logs on to Spark.

I have searched the Spark install location for any xml or config files that might allow this but have not found anything.


you can provide the server as a command line argument as described in DOC-1090 or in spark.properties. Hopefully you have a central login script which allows to replace the existing file or Spark shortcut or create a custom one.


Thanks, I dind’t even think about a logon script as an option. But that might even be better yet, especially if I change the Openfire server address for any reason.