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Has anyone made Unit Tests for XIFF?

Has there by any chance anyone made Unit Tests for XIFF?

After three years, I am back in the XML migration attempt and before doing anything life changing, I wanted to ask this.

In case anyone would have any unit tests already made those would be appreciated.

Hopefuly they would end up in the library, thus making the code quality more trackable.

Why not add a Jenkins job on post-commit…

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Updating myself:

Continious integration http://bamboo.igniterealtime.org/browse/XIFF

Existing unit tests: http://fisheye.igniterealtime.org/browse/xiff/trunk/test/org/igniterealtime/xiff /util

Seems we have the tools required, so I shall start writing more tests…

Anyone willing to help setting up the CI as it seems it is not running the tests at the moment?

Wrote a tiny bit of the plan: http://paazmaya.com/unit-tests-and-xml-migration-of-xiff-library


Unfortunatelly we are using XIFF as it is for now and we don’t have any tests for it

But it is good to know you are going to make XML migration. Current implementation is really outdated

Here is the first commit, nothing groundbreaking…


Feedback is welcome, how to make small but usable unit tests…

Let’s see if the CI can publish the results somewhere along with up to date asdocs


Currently there are 195 tests, of which all are passing.