Has anyone posted a XML Script for a Community Server Integration?

Here’‘s my issue. I’'m not a programmer, and so a lot of this stuff I can understand the concept of, but not accomplish on my own. I am running a site based in Community Server (http://www.communityserver.org).

I was hoping that the Ignite team might see the value of making these different configurations for some of the more popular Content Management Systems/Community Systems–Like Joomla, Community Server, Php-nuke, Postnuke, Dotnetnuke, and such.

I mean, even if you didn’'t make the files, if there was a step by step walktrhough for a default installation of:

Community Server

Dotnetnuke 4.x





If these have already been done by someone, perhaps having a place to upload them would help a lot of us out who want to try this.


how do you want to integrate Wildfire? Are you interested in http-bind, presence information or something else?


We’'d like to be able to have a full integration into community server, where you can add the precense indicator to profiles and more, but for starters, just being able to login with the same username and password would be a start.


there is a presence plugin available which can return presence information as XML data.

Clearspace (a commercial product) uses as far as I know the xmpp component protocol to query presence data.

Wildfire also offers a database auth and user provider, so using the same user base should be quite simple.


The answers I received where not really the type I had in mind, but it’‘s been so long we’'ve moved onto another service.