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Has Open Fire Administration Tools?

Hi everyone. I ’ m new in this technology and i ’ m doing a research about XMPP Servers. I ’ m analyzing some characteristics of the Servers and I want it to know if Open Fire has an Administration Tool. I didn ’ t find or read nothing about it, and I know that other servers has. For example, Tigase has you can administrate from a browser or a monitoring tool.

I also was wondering if I have to make some plug-ins for my application, which language can I use, only Java, or can I use another language to, like C#. And also if you can recomend some tools for developing this plug-ins or my application itself.

Ok, thats all folks. I hope you can answer my questions and understand properly this question, because english is not my naturally language and i haven ’ t practice it for a long time.

Thanks for all.

Regards, Matias

Hi Matias,

Openfire comes with a web admin console (eg. http://community.igniterealtime.org/servlet/JiveServlet/download/190197-4193/Scr eenshot-Openfire%20Admin%20Console%3A%20Edit%20Server%20Properties%20-%20Mozilla %20Firefox.png) and it partially supports administration via XMPP.

Plugins must be written in Java, Componentes can be written in any language.

Usually Eclipse is used to write Openfire code or plugins.


Hi LG, thanks a lot for your answer it was very helpfull.

I also want it to know if Open Fire its simple to maintenance. I know that depends the online users and other characteristics, but I want to know generally if it is to maintenance and also the easy of use (installation, configuration and managment). And one more question, I can see that the support is like chat or asking question this way I’m doing it, i want to know if I can buy support for more detail information or more complexity information.

That will be all for now.

Again, thanks a lot for the information.

Regards, Matias

Openfire IS easy to maintain if you’re using LDAP (since thats my setup, thats all I can speak for). The install is easy. The config is easy. What took the most time for me is enabling all the groups I wanted since LDAP pulls ALL active directory groups, I had to sort through them and share the 30 out of 400 I needed. Also it pulls all users from AD (for us thats over a 1000) but I found a search filter here:


which cut it down to just the users I needed.

But now that I have it setup, I rarely go into the admin console, since all the updates take place in AD.

Well, as i start digging into LDAP integration, i must say that it is much easier to setup without LDAP As you said installation is easy, and with embedded database is just one minute long. If you have an external database it shouldn’t take long to setup a connection either. Administration is very easy and user-friendly, web based. Configuration is usually easy, checking checkboxes and hitting Save button. But for some options you will need to create system properties and set their values, but it is pretty easy too (if you know what property you need).

I’m afraid there is no more professional support, as Jive Software has moved to other projects and set Openfire/Spark etc. free. Probably there are some 3d-party local companies doing a support, but one will have to search for such. So, mainly it’s just forums and Open Chat channel.

Ok thanks a lot to all of you for your answer, they are very helpfull to the job that i ’ m doing right now. If I have another question i wont hesitate to ask you. Thanks again…