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Have to restart Openfire after the initial setup?


I was just compiling the Openfire from the source. After launching the fresh instance i went through a setup with the embedded-db and in the end it gives a button to login to Admin Console, but then shows an authorisation error. Actually one has to stop and lauch the server again after the initial setup to be able to login. I think in the old days there was a step to restart or stop Openfire in the end of the setup. Probably Jive wanted to change that, but something isnt working fine. And i see that a lot of newcommers hit that issue and i can understand their frustration when setup is giving the wrong instructions. I cant remember of such issue filed in the JIRA. Or is it? Is it a known bug? Maybe only related to the embedded-db scenario? Maybe we can fix that or change the last setup step?

so i have filed this as JM-1537

I’ve debugged it and it seems that the XMPP Domain isn’t up to date when the AdminManager starts. The attached patch fixes this by only adding one line to the finishSetup method. Now it works fine for me without a restart.
adminSetup.patch (632 Bytes)

Havent tested, but i believe this should work Linked your patch to the ticket.

EDIT: tested - working