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Having A Private "Channel" In Public OpenFire Server


Recently, I try to integrate Smack with my own open source application, so that I am able to provide chatting in my application. I decide to use a free hosting service, which is currently running OpenFire server.

Since I am using an open free service, I prefer to have a private “channel”.

Within a private channel, I can have many rooms for users to discuss on several topics (Like:- Room1, Room2, Room3…).

The private channel should be “private”, in the sense that other users(The user who are not using my application) has no easy way to discover those rooms within the private channel.

By refering to API

MultiUserChat#getHostedRooms(XMPPConnection connection, String serviceName);

I understand that connection refers to my current connection to the server and “serviceName” refers to the address to the rooms on the open server. Typically the address is “conference.” where server is your server domain name.

So, in order to have so called “private channel” for my own application use, shall I approach the admin of the open server hosting site, to request him to create a new serviceName to host my application users? For example, a new seviceName named “yccheok-application”?

Or, is there any other ways, without any changes on the server site?