Having users auto-join a MUC?

Is there a way from within openfire to have all my users auto-join a predefined MUC when they login? Regardless of client.

The bookmark is simply stored in your database. Just create an corresponding entry for each user. Obviously this could only work for clients that support MUC-bookmarks and auto-joining, e.g. Psi 0.11 or newer.

Simply create a bookmark using your client and take a look into your database to see how it’s stored. See also XEP-0048.

in client managment plugin , you can setup GroupChatBookmarks and there is autojoin

My Group Chat bookmarks don’t seem to work.

I add myself (and/or my group) to a Group Chat bookmark and mark auto-join, then the next time I login (Pidgin), it doesn’t auto-join the group chatroom.

Any ideas?

This feature seems to be very client dependent. I tried it with openfire 3.5.2 and a few clients… here were my results (ymmv)

Pidgin - autojoin does not work

Exodus - autojoin works

Psi - autojoin works

Spark - autojoin sometimes works… sometimes put’s you in a conversation with the chatroom, not in the chatroom

This was very disappointing to me since pidgin tends to be my client of choice… it may be worth noting pidgin does not seem to support the plugin for IM gateway transport services.

My testing showed the that it depends on the client also, which I now understand that it should. You can add Adium (which uses libpurple along with pidgen) and iChat to the “does not work”.

Apparently there’s no way to do this regardless of client, it’s just a matter of which clients implemented it. It’s not a part of the official XMPP standard yet.

I put in a feature request for pidgin: http://developer.pidgin.im/ticket/6353

You guys might do the same for the other clients you use.