Hazelcast Clustering Work but don't sync User/Group


We are installing two openfire server on different internet link, locate and own postgresql database.

Both servers are communicate with other, but don’t sync her users.

A create in the server1, this users: user1, user2 and user3.

A create in the server2, this users: user1.

All users are created using openfire manager.

When a log using user1 and put down server1, user1 moved to server2 automatically.

When both servers are UP, the user2 works in both server, because the server2 talk with server1 and ask about that user.

But if I stop the server1 the user2 don’t be moved to server2, in the log of server2 show “unknow user”.

A lookup about what neet to make hazelcase to sync the users and groups between this servers, not only auth then but recreate it in both servers.

I make a test about Hazelcast WAN Replication, but dont worked too.

Thanks for the attention.


This is my configuration on both server:



com.hazelcast.impl.wan.WanNoDelayReplication</replication-imp l>


Were you able to solve this problem?