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Hazelcast Plugin (2.4.1) install with openfire 4.3.2

hello. I want to cluster the openfire in our company. I install the same openfire(4.3.2) and install the Hazelcast Plugin(as the same version 2.4.1).but in fact that they just kown their own server. I check the listen port in the different machine, they also listen the udp port 54327. but they cannot communicate each other. (the two mahine can ping each other). who can help me. thanks a lot

Well, I’d start by switching from multicast (UDP-based) to TCP/IP based discovery, which is generally easier to debug. Check the contents of ${openfireHome}/conf/hazelcast-local-config.xml. Four stages are required, and need to be carried out on each node;

  • Comment out the first <join/> section, preceeded by the comment The following enables multicast discovery of cluster members
  • Remove the comments around the second <join/> section
  • Add an address and port for each member of the cluster
  • Ensure that the single <interface/> is correct for each node

Finally, you’ll need to make sure TCP port 5701 is open between all cluster members.