Hazelcast2.1.2 bug

My english is not very well, I hope you can understand what I say.,thanks!

i used hazelcast2.1.2 plugin to building a two computer openfire cluster.。 One computer become seniorClusterMember i called it A. the other one not seniorClusterMember we called B. A and B can communicate with each other. i stop the openfire on computer A, In my opinion,B should call the markedAsSeniorClusterMember method of ClusterEventListener , but not。i read the source code of ClusterListener.class, like below:

i found !seniorClusterMember=false, so seniorClusterMember’s is true。so the code below can never be executed.

This is an interesting report, thanks for posting.

The Hazelcast clustering model does not really support the concept of a “senior” member, because all the member nodes are considered equal peers in the cluster. Perhaps the simplest thing to do would be to always return “true” - meaning that each member could be marked as senior as soon as it joins the cluster.

However, it would be good to know what the side-effects of this would be. Have you encountered any functional errors or other problems with your cluster caused by the current behavior?

because i need one computer to do something ,not all the computer to do the same thing.,for example, in mucroom i want to flush something to db not timely。