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Heap Overflow

Just got a heap overflow when I tried to change a groups roster sharing from open to all… to open to select groups. Java Memory is pegged at 99.9%.

Anyone else have this problem?

Other info I can provide?


could you give a more detailed description of what you did? “open to all” means cats and dogs for me.

Are you using a client or the web admin console?

What is the java max memory value Xmx?

How many users do you have / were connected?

What was the memory usage before you did the change?

Is this a problem you can reproduce or did it only one time?


Hey robert,

Are you using LDAP as the user database? Is it possible that the filter that you are using is loading several thousands of users from LDAP thus consuming all the available memory? If that is the case then check if it’'s possible to reduce the user base.


– Gato

Not using LDAP.

Basically I increased the memory size to 800megs and never ran into this problem. Most used mem is about 250Mb