Heavy Load Configuration for Openfire?


how should i configure openfire to handle 100k users? It’s running on a 8 core machine with (currently) 4 gig of heap-space.

I allready tried the advice given http://community.igniterealtime.org/thread/42296

Still my openfire gets oom errors.

The current conf is openfire + mysql and the JVM tweaking, that was proposed in the other threat:


Still the server runs against the limit of 4gig heapspace.

I wonder whether the internal queues do fill up, see Openfires Achilles’ heel

If you want to get 20 MB more free memory you could also add “-Xss128k -Xoss128k -XX:ThreadStackSize=128” to make sure the Java does use small stack sizes for threads. You can even change 128k to 96k or 64k - as long as you don’t get exceptions everything works fine. As Openfire uses only a few threads one can not gain more memory using these settings.

Sorry, one more tweak that wasn’t in that post you referred to - we’re using MUC and we found that we needed to tweak the conference Conversation Logging settings.